Program Description

This program is offered as a?4-year undergraduate degree?or a 4-year undergraduate degree with language support?for students typically entering from high school (or equivalent) or as a degree completion option (years 3 & 4)?for?eligible students.?

Common Foundations

Through challenge-based learning, you'll receive an interdisciplinary foundation for the first two years of your undergraduate program. You'll be immersed in world issues while acquiring the key knowledge and skills essential for today's careers. Working in teams, you'll design sustainable solutions for local challenges while learning transferrable skills, such as leadership, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Visit the common foundations page to learn more about challenge-based learning in the first two years of this program.

Your Values in Action?

You are driven to bring sustainable business practices to your work; creating opportunities that are as good for communities as they are for the planet. You want to build your business expertise, knowledge and skills to be able to create, manage, and inspire sustainable organizations anywhere in the world.

From sustainability-focused organizations that need the business tools to succeed to progressive companies looking for transformational leadership, you’ll learn the foundational tools to successfully lead.

Our BBA in Business and Sustainability is designed to give you not only strong business basics, but the skills and inspiration that will help you soar, that will help you effect real change in our world.

Whether you’ll be running your own business or taking a role within another, this 60-credit, 20-month BBA degree completion program uses real-world situations and your instructors’ industry experience and insight to dive deep into what’s required to be effective in influencing and implementing, sustainable business practices.

Your Passion is Shared

Our unique cohort learning model brings you together with inspired students from all over Canada, and all over the world.

They all share your passion and values. That passion for creating a positive social and environmental impact. That shared mission to develop business success with strong values and principles as a core. To lead courageously, not follow blindly.

A Program that Inspires

In the BBA program, we create experiences to inspire. Purposely designed small classes create an environment that helps you not only inspire each other, but to use shared knowledge to better understand the global environment.

Whether learning about land-use conflicts while kayaking Clayoquot Sound, understanding social issues through service learning, honing your consulting skills with real-life situations, or exploring our 230 hectares of natural, outdoor, learning spaces, the BBA program offers an immersed, experiential learning opportunity.

We take the time needed to truly understand our relationship with the environment and with others. Learn how you can indeed make positive change to our planet and communities - with courses that allow you to work directly with real-world clients, while developing connections that can fuel careers.

Our BBA alumni share why they chose Royal Roads BBA in Business and Sustainability program:

It’s Time to Influence the World

Inspired to protect our environment, to strive for a socially just economy, you want a business degree that will propel you to become an effective champion of business and sustainability. The BBA at Royal Roads University is that degree.

Open up your world, hone your values and ideas here, and find that inspiration to truly make the impact that deep down you know you can.?

In the program, you'll experience transformative moments, and evolve. Watch BBA alumni share some of their memorable moments:

It's time to take the next step.

Our BBA in Business and Sustainability alumni have gained experience since graduating and have great advice to share:

Be sure to connect with our?Financial Aid and Awards?team about funding opportunities as part of your early educational planning.?Students may be eligible for a?$10,000 entrance award/bursary?towards their tuition.

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