Classes & Activities

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Drop-in Classes & Activities

Build and Burn

This is a low-impact, moderate intensity group fitness class that focuses on building strength and burning calories. It incorporates both cardio and full body strength training in either a bootcamp, circuit or classroom style program. This class is great for a beginner or intermediate fitness level participant.

Full Body Conditioning

This challenging class is meant to build strength and endurance through a combination of bodyweight and free weight exercises as well as moderate intensity cardio. The format ranges from a bootcamp, circuit or classroom style. This class is great for a beginner or intermediate fitness level participant.?

Slow Flow Yoga

A moving meditation, this slowed down vinyasa practice gives you the space to connect with body and breath. Classes will work full body sequences, with time for deeper opening during the floor series. This practice is scalable for those who wish for more or less intensity.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is the practice of linking breath with movement. This class works through strong and dynamic yoga sequences, focusing more on technique and alignment, with a core component. Classes will work full body sequences as well as peak poses. Come prepared to sweat!

Basketball & Badminton

Open Gym Time

    • Anytime the gym court?or aerobics studio are?not booked members are welcome to use the space for activities.?
    • Scheduled activities have priority booking, so?patrons may be asked to vacate the area when the booked time is reached.
    • Please check the schedule above, facebook,?or ask staff to confirm when these activities may occur.